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Ultra Fast Enzyme Engineering

From materials to medicines, chemical manufacture is a multi-trillion-dollar global industry. But industrial chemistry poses many problems – with high energy demands, use of hazardous chemicals and the need to mine scarce metallic catalysts. As it stands, it is simply unsustainable for our planet.

However Nature holds a solution – Enzymes. These biocatalysts are molecular scale biological factories that are able to synthesize new chemicals and materials – with far less waste, under much milder conditions and reduced costs.

Our mission is to radically accelerate the speed and reliability that enzymes can be engineered to suit a new process – and help transform chemical manufacture into a sustainable industry.

About Us

We are a spin-out company from the University of Manchester. Founded by an expert team of enzyme engineers and computational biologists. Our HQ is located in the heart of Manchester, the historic centre of the World’s first Industrial revolution, and Imperagen will be at the centre of the next industrial ‘Bio’ revolution.

Our Technology & Approach

We are building a ground-breaking platform that brings together patented advances in enzyme simulation, AI, synthetic biology and automation.

ACCELERATED enzyme engineering
UNLOCK hard-to-find performance improvements
STREAMLINE and SCALE the entire process


Want to join us and help create a brighter future for the planet?

We are looking for talented scientists to develop the World’s fastest enzyme platform. Use the form below to find out how you can get involved.

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